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The Salty Yak Outdoor Podcast

Apr 24, 2022

EP 108 - Cary and Emilo sit down and talk about finding new areas to fish, the diffenrces between fishing the lower Texas coast and the upper Texas coast, along with some great stories and tips!  It was great talking with Emilo and getting to know him!  More collaborations to come for sure!!!!!  "Let's take it...

Apr 17, 2022

Episode 107 - Cary and Roger sit down with Vance Zahorski, inventor/owner of Line Cutterz, and his right hand man, Brad Wojcik, to hear the full story of Line Cutterz, Vance's expericene on Shark Tank and all the great products Line Cutterz has to offer the kayak angler!  Hope you enjoy this one!  We did!!!

Apr 10, 2022

EP 106 - This episode of The Salty Yak Podcast Cary and Roger talk about their favorite kayak fishing destination, PAC Kayak Rentals in Pointe Aux Chenes, Louisiana!  Then on to Round #2 of The Salty Yak Trivia Game!!  Test your knwledge on various fishing topics and let us know how you do!!!  And As always please share...

Apr 5, 2022

Ep 105 - In this episode of The Salty Yak Podcast, Cary and Chris Lopez talk about is there such a thing as giving to much information out in a fishing report on social media?  Their answers might suprise you!  Thanks for tuning in and please share the podcast! 

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