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The Salty Yak Outdoor Podcast

Jan 29, 2023

In this episode Cary dives in deep on all the details of the upcoming Salty Yak On-Line Archery Tournament!  If you are interested in competing in this monthly tournament you NEED to listen to this!  There are some other nuggets on white bass fishing too!    

Jan 23, 2023

EP 144 Int his episode of The Salty Yak Pocast, Cary, Roger and Robert get together for some Texas winter fishing with their sons!  It was great to spend time with these great friends even though the weather and the fish didn't really copperate!  Spoiler Alert!  We caught more trout than reds!  LOL


Line Cutterz


Jan 12, 2023

Here it is!!!  Hear all the stories and adventures from our LANWR Archery Deer and Nilgai Hunt!  Myself, my son Nic, Ryan, Curtis, Sixto and Emilo (So_Texas Outdoors Podcast) had one heck of of a time chasing whitetails and nilgai antelope in deep south Texas!  Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy...

Jan 1, 2023

Episode 1 Season 5 Finds Cary (aka The Salty Yak) in the Texas deer stand with friend and first time deer hunter Edmond!  Sit side by side and share Edmond's first sucessfull deer hunt!  Its all about giving back and getting new people into these outdoor sports we love!  Creating memories with the ones we love...