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The Salty Yak Outdoor Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

Ep 73 -  They Salty Yak Pak talks about catching trophy rooster fish, red snapper fishing out of Freeport, Ditch Pickle online tournament, inflatable kayaks and "Doers vs Waiters".  

Jun 14, 2021

Episode 72 - I sit down with father and my 2 sons and we tell our favorite fishing and hunting memories from the past.  Happy Father's Day everyone!!!

Jun 4, 2021

EP 71 - "Better body for kayak fishing, Better Body for life" is Luke's motto.  We sit down with Luke Prentiss, founder of the Kayak Beast Workout Program and Kevin Franklin, State Champion cyclist, cycling coach and triathlon coach, to talk about fitness.  Listen and find out how get in better condition for a longer...